How To Beat The Recession

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     I am a stay-at-home dad who lost my job when the recession started.  I have two disabled (Bipolar disorder)children and a wife who is on SS,I and it has been a major struggle to keep our heads above the water and save money for the future.  We have given up many things and have struggled to just get by.  But this story is not about my struggle, it is about everyones struggle and the best ways to help find resources to make an income forme home through direct-marketing-strategies.  I have tried everything to make a living from home and had some success, but it is not the easiest thing to do.  Sales has always been the way to make money, but at this time many people are tightening their belts and not spending too much on the wants but more so on the basic needs to help save money.  So what is a person to do to make a living from home?  This is the million dollar question.  Well… to be honest with you, I am still working on this but I have found some sucesses that have made me some fast money.  Working from home is not an easy endvor, and should not be taken lightly.  It takes some money to make money and for the most part, the success rate is very low (about 10-20 %).  But with drive, ambition, and the will to succeed on the internet, it is very possible to make a living from home.

     First, let me state that there are a ton of “Get-Rich-Quick” schemes out there, and you should avoid them at all costs.  Use the Scam search site to help you figure out what is real and not real.  Too many people have fallen victim to these clowns and they have sunk all of their hard earned money into a crappy system thta will never make them a dime for their effort.  So… if it sounds too good to be true, “IT IS”, so do not fall for it. Remeber, these guys are rich  because they conned a whole lot of people with the same sales gimmick about “How To Get Rich”, and all they are doing is selling the same crap over and over again to people that are just as desperate as many of us to make a living from home.  To be honest with you, making a living from home is just as hard as making a living from a job, “IT IS WORK AND REQUIRES WORK TO SUCCEED AT IT.”  So don’t think all you have to do is join some rediculous scheme  from some Internet Guru and sit back and watch the money role in.  For some this has happened, but they are just as heartlees as the scammers selling crappy programs that do not work to help you Get Out Of Debt.

     Ok, down to the meat and potatos of this article.  How to beat the recession, and do it from home.  First off, if you plan to try and work-from-home, do what you know.  If you are a laid-off Accountant from a Large Accounting Firm, open your own Accounting business, invest in an accounting sofware like Quickbooks, and Attend UA to learn how to Market you firm and go for it.  If you are a teacher that has lost your job, become a private tutor for those looking for one to help their children for a reasonable cost.  If you have hobbie like sewing, painting, building furniture, or fixing cars and small engines, tap into these avenues.  Make clothing or Custom-Quilts to sell, sell paintings or open a painting business, build custom furniture and sell it privately or on or, open a small engine shop or work on cars from your garage.  I know, it seems like the obvious and it is just that.  When you know how to do something well, you will find the most success in that field.  Service business’s are the easiest to open and offer people something they need.  Remember, if they don’t need it, they will not pay for it.  Another great suggestion is to get with a Tax Preparation, H&R Block or Jackson-Hewitt, company and learn to do peoples taxes for free.  Take what you have learned and apply it, IT”S FREE, SO TAKE IT!!!  I highly reccomend that you tap into your personal talents before you go and try to do something that you need to learn from scratch or all over again and attempt to become successful at it by trial and error.

     Now, if you want to try and do something different….do you research first. And don’t forget to use media sources like and to advertise, these are great ways to get the word out. Video blogging is very powerful.  Do not think that if you used to work at McDonalds, that you will be able to jump right into Affiliate-Marketing without researching it and knowing what you are doing.  IT WILL NOT WORK, so do all of the research about the type of business that you are looking into.  You need to be trained or knowledgeable of what the heck you are trying.  So were to begin, in your head is the best place to start.  Think about what you are confortable with, perhaps sales, talking, delivering, cooking, or anything that you like.  If you are not comfortable selling face to face or hard calling on the phone (like insurance), do not get into sales.  But if you are a very socialble person and do not have a problem talking to people about something with passion, sales could be a good place to start.  Evryone has a different personality type, nad you need to be aware of what your is.  Ask friends and family to tell you about you, and do not get offended with the responces, just listen and take it all in to find out what you should be doing.  So what do you do next?

     Once you ahve figured out what suites you, go after it with a passion.  When you decide what it is you want to do, put all of your energy into it, but keep your head staright.  It is ok to jump in, but do it with your head and your heart.  Think about everything that is involved and don’t just start throwing money around without making sure that you can do this and stay above water.  Plan, plan, plan… this cannot be stressed enough.  Plan everything through to make sure that you will be successful.  I TOLD YOU, THIS IS WORK, soo you need to put the time in to ensure success.  I truly believe in networking with people in the field that you are entering.  Get to know people,get over any fears and just do it.  Talk to people, you never know when you will find someone who may have an opportunity that you may be able to take advantage of.  Besides, these could be potential customers in the future, and it is always good to make new friends.  Talk to professionals as well, they can guide you in the right direction when it comes to laws, licenses, and anything else you will needto start your new business or job.

      Working from home or trying to beat the recession is not easy, and everyone at some time or another will have to face this.  I hope this article has inspired you to look deeper into yourself and realize that anything is possible as long as you think it through, enjoy what you are doing, and really think it through as to not get suckered into a scam and make sure you have success.  Good luck to all and have a great new year.


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