How Healthy is Your Sex Life?

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There are a lot of things that is to be considered in order to have a healthy sex life.  In order to understand how to make your sex life healthy it is very important to know first what are the things that makes your sex life unhealthy.

Different people have different sex life problems and most of them are affecting there relationship with there partner, most of them don’t know what causes it, but the truth is very simple.

Emotions – Is the first one to be considered as a source of making your sex life unhealthy.  The reason that triggers your loss of enjoyment or excitement could be because you are getting emotional and becoming paranoid for somethings that are not happening.  You might have put to much hate that it is already affecting your sex life.

To control this, try not to be very emotional and put to much drama in your life.  Make things a little bit easier and calm your self down.

Psychological – When a person is having psychological problems, he or she would likely loss her sense to make love.  Making love is really all in the mind of one person and when it is disturb it will affect your sexual life.

Most of these psychological problems arise from anger, previous encounters that have not been forgiven.  You should erase this and learn how to forgive and forget. 

Having an unhealthy sex life is a result because you are unhappy.  Happy hormones is the one that will trigger a healthy sex life.

But if all these are not true, then maybe you are having a boring sexual activities and maybe you should experiment more and do something else that will get you excited.  Don’t be shy about it and let it go and enjoy its pleasure.  Holding yourself on the things that will make you happy will just do more damage in your sexual relationship than it already is.


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