Driving in The Snow

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It’s that time of year again, where you take a huge breathe and hold it till spring.Winter driving is not fun and can be dangerous if you don’t plan ahead. When I was driving for a living, I always kept my truck full of items I might need.

These included:

Candles, extra blankets, granola bars, tissue, cell phone and flashlight.

When you are driving and you hit an icy patch of road, do not brake like your life depends on it.

Always pump your brakes, if you jump on them, you can spin out of control.

Once you are on an icy patch of road, follow the slid and turn your steering wheel towards the direction you want to go.  Don’t grab the wheel with a death grip, just hold it normally and turn the wheel a little at a time to avoid spinning.

This also reminds me; don’t speed in the winter months. If you think you can, read the road.  Can you see the lines?  Can you see the cement?  If you can’t, then the road is covered with snow, ice or a mixture of both.

One last thought, always leave early for your trip.  This way you will have enough time to get there, safety. 


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