How to Make Money Selling On The Web Without Using Ebay

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      Hello everyone, this article will address the challenge of making money on the internet without using ebay as your main outlet of products and goods.  Though ebay is the most common place to sell and buy merchandise, it is not the only way to do this. There are many other resources that can be used to do the exact same thing.  I will attemp to guide oyu to some of the other way s to accomplish your income and selling goals.  Perhaps even help you to establish a home based business or a work from home job.  It will not make you an overnight millionaire or even get you rich instanly.  It is hard work and it will require time, money, and much patience.  I wish you all good luck and I hope this article will help you to become an independant home based worker or just help you earn extra income from the privacy of your own home.

Things you will require to succeed:

*  You will need a computer and internet connection (DSL or Cable preferred)
*  You will need time, energy, patience and a desire to suceed.
*  You will need something to sell or market.
*  You will need the right suppliers or unique products

     Step one is always the hardest one to accomplish.  What do I sell or market.  With so many people trying their hand at selling on,,,,,,, and many other auction sites and ecommerce sites, it becomes difficult to try and compete with them.  It is not easy and you will find tha the competition is steap.  But do not bbecome overwhelmed by this, the online auction and selling world is still a multi-billion dollar world to be sucessful in.  As afr as what to sell, this will always be the million dollar question for all online sellers.  And the sadly, there is no one right answer to this question.  Ebay offers many tools to become a powerseller, an auction assitant, open a prostore and training within and outside the ebay community.  This is useful informationand within the seller tools section one can find what items are “hot” at that moment.  But remember, you are one of millions of potential sellers using this service and bombarding ebay with the same items trying to outsell the next seller.  This is also true with ecrater, webstore, bonanzal, ubid, amazon, squidoo, yahoo, goolebase, and so many other sites that offer auctions and “Buy Now” features. Back to th equestion, what to sell and were to sell it?  My suggestion to all of you is to sell something unique.  Perhaps you have a hobby and it could potentially make you some money.  For example, do you knit? Do you carve wood? Do paint? Do you write? Do you collect anything like cards or coins?  These will be the most profitable for you because you may be the original maker or the only owner of a particular item.  Another way is to ask friends if they have hobbies tha you could both profit from.  This could be your potential profit system in the makings.  If your friends or family have stuff they want to sell, you could do it for them for a small profit from the sale.  Become a sale assistant for them, even local business’s have items to clear out and you could do it for them.  Another option is to try and find a supplier to buy items for wholesale and sell them at a markup for profit.  Just be very careful what you plan to buy and sell, do the research and make sure the market is not saturated with these items.  The internet is full of information that will help you to determine if you are looking into a good investment.  Stay away from dropshippers, they are not going to help you profit at all, and they will take your customers.

       Step two is not much easier, and it takes time, and effort to find the right services  to sell your new found product or service.  Ebay is a great place to sell, but it does cost money to do so. If possible, try to start with a site that does not cost you a dime or minimal to sell on. Webstore, Bonanzal, and eCrater are all good places to start and try as much as you can to offer AUCTIONS as appossed to Buy Now type postings, more people want to try and win something rather than buy it. And try to resist the urge to set you aution prices too high or too low, find a happy middle ground to start at.  They allow you to use their site with no or little cost to you.  You can set up stores, auctions, and advertising with some through Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace.  These are great ways to get the message out.  I highly recommend using all three to start and build some income to help back your future needs.  Another way to help make money is to look into some affiliate programs as discuss in my “how to make money with affiliate programs” article.  These can also help grow your business. An do not forget to get a Paypal account and a Googlecheckout account to help you customers have a smooth transaction at all times. Get both,it will help you in the long run.

     Step three is when it gets a little more complicated and involved.  Once you have established youself as a presents on the web and are making good money on the web, consider your own webstore or wbe page as a way to drive traffic to your sites and auctions. Places like,,,,, and many more will provide you with free hosting for a web page.  You can also just use,, and to host as well.  Then you want to get a domain name for a good price to use.  Go-Daddy is my personal favorite.

     Step four is the final stages.  This is were you continue to grow your business, and make even more money. The best way to make the most money as possible, you will need mutiple streams of income… I can’t stress this enough, MULTIPLE STREAMS F INCOME will make you the most for your buck.  This means that you will use as many place as you can to sell your stuff. News papers, internet, mail, e-mail, and any other media type you can.  To figure out how to accomplish this, you should do some research on the web and find free information, but some books on marketing like Dummies’ books, or go to a local book store like Barnes an Noble or Borders Books and take advantage of their read your books before you buy them capabilities.  And don;t forget the key to making money in any manor, “It takes some money to make some money.”  Unfortunately, this is the truth and it always will be, nothing is free and it takes haerd work to get it. Well.. I hope this helped and tell me of allof your successes.  If you have any questions, e-mail me and I will try to answer them to the best of my ability.  GOOD LUCK ALL…

Additional tips:

*  Be smart and do not jump into something with researching it.
*  Take you time and be patient, it does not happen overnight.
*  Do not invest more than you can afford.
*  If possible, stay as far away from Ddropship companies.
*  Remember to create a multiple stream marketing and sales technique.
*  Do not fall into “GET RICH QUICK” scams
*  Use your head and remember, if it sounds too good to be true, IT IS!!!!
*  Go to blogs of successful sales people, and look for blogs and information on all companies, goods, and business models to helpyou succeed.


*  Be aware that it takes money to make money.
*  Not everone will be successful at making money online.
*  Please be responsible.


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