Malaria Caught on Camera, For The First Time, as it Infests a Human Cell

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Summary of the news: Using modern technology, scientists were able to capture a lot of still images of a malaria cell as it invades and infects a human cell. Scientists were then able to combine the images in a form of a video (like one would do to create a GIF image) to get a better view and understanding on what is happening. The scientists went about to perform this experiment very delicately, preparing to do all things necessary to create the best possible images for research, by applying two different drugs; one which prevents more than one parasite to invade a cell and the other one prevents this parasite from leaving again. Through observation, one can notice how the red blood cell is initially rounded in shape, yet after being infected the outer layer becomes more unstable and loses its circular features.

The research provided some very important implications, as regards curing the malaria. Scientists noticed how the malaria changes its own processes once it combines with the cell; thus, by preventing the parasite from activating this ‘master switch’, they could potentially nullify the parasite’s danger, thus stopping it altogether. Quite a promising advancement 🙂

In the link below, you can see the aforementioned footage of the malaria and some comments by experts.


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