Antibiotics For Sinus Infections – You Do Know When Not to Take Them Don't You?

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Sure, you know that antibiotics for sinus infections can give you quick relief. Do you also know when you are supposed to not take antibiotics for sinus infections though? not all sinusitis attacks are brought on by bacteria, you know. There several kinds that viruses cause and that’s fungi cause too. Antibiotics are only any use against the bacterial kind. That’s why it’s a bad idea to self-medicate when you get a sinusitis attack. Without a clue about what causes your attack, you can hardly know how to treat it. If you went to a doctor, they would never give you antibiotics if they investigated and found yours was a viral attack. It could even bring up complications if you tried the wrong treatment course.

Let’s say that you have a bacterial attack. What you may not know is that bacteria in the sinuses tend to attract fungi too. Once the fungi get in there and cause a bit of fungal sinusitis on their own, taking a course of antibiotics could actually make it worse, and cause complications. When you go to a doctor, they take swabs and perform a few other tests to make sure that you aren’t growing fungi in your sinuses yet. They will only give you your penicillin or amoxicillin once they determine that you are fungus-free.

Antibiotics make us quickly feel better. But only if it’s the right antibiotic, prescribed in the right circumstances. It isn’t just people who self-medicate who make the mistake of thinking antibiotics are always the answer. Much too frequently, doctors are guilty of writing prescriptions before making completely sure too. And then, to make matters worse, patients go and stop taking their antibiotics before the full course is done. That only makes matters worse. Doctors need to understand that just because a patient comes in pleads for something, that they can’t just dash off prescriptions for antibiotics for sinus infections without doing a proper swab test to see what causes the attack.

Often, when you take antibiotics for sinus infections, you only get symptomatic relief. The drugs don’t get to the root of the problem. It doesn’t matter that your drug seemed to take care of the problem. Even if it’s viral, antibiotics will still help for short time. Once the effects of antibiotics wear out, it’ll only come back all over again. What happens is, the antibiotics dry out your sinuses overnight. That leaves your sinuses clogged full of dried-up mucus. If they work right, the antibiotics are supposed to thin out your mucus so that it can run out and leave your sinuses clean. With sinuses that are full of dried mucus, you only be attracting a lot of fungus and new bacteria. And you’ll be locking yourself into a cycle of constant antibiotic use once every three months.

All you need to do then is to never self-medicate when you have a sinusitis attack. And make sure that your doctor doesn’t hurriedly give you a prescription and send you away. You need to ask for a test.


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