I Tried Social Media Marketing And it Didn’t Work For Me, Why?

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Social Media Marketing is not as simple as simple putting up a twitter account, YouTube channel or a Facebook page, and hoping someone will come.

Social Media Marketing, when done right, is very intentional, strategic and qualitative.

Your Social Media presence needs to be relevant, promoted, fresh, frequent, and optimized.

Lets start with relevant. Someone who puts up a Social Media account and says “Buy buy buy buy” is going to simply turn people off and make them go somewhere else. People are looking for content that is relevant to them. If you are a CPA people want to see things like Tax Tips, discount coupons for doing their taxes, something that will make their accounting easier, etc. If you are a pet store people want to know tips for taking care of their pets, new disease threats that they need to protect their pet from, coupons for pet supplies. If you have been giving your followers great information, when they need your services, they will trust you as an authority and often request to engage your products and services.

You need your accounts to be promoted. If you have great content but no one can find you, your social media presence is going to be ineffective. Once people find you they will help in the promotion. We will talk more about this in the optimized section.

People want fresh content, the reason people watch sports all the time is that there is something new. If you played the same game over and over people would get tired of it and go watch something else. Most people don’t remember who won a game two weeks ago…they are on to the new game.

They also want the fresh content frequently. In the case of sports, there are new games often, which keep people interested. You ever have a TV show you were watching and they left off at a very crucial part of the season to finish filming it, or perhaps to film a new season…but by the time the new shows rolled around you forgot what was so crucial in the last episodes? There is a somewhat similar analogy with social media, people need to be reminded frequently of your product or service…but not so frequently that it is annoying. Search engines also love frequent new content!

Last but not least, your social media presence needs to be optimized. Youtube and twitter backgrounds should be customized with your brand, colors, action items such as “Subscribe,” “Follow” and “Like.” Your video should have calls to action in the correct spots. Things should be laid out in an easy to find and navigate…make your social media presence a place people want to come back to!

There is much more that could be done in the way of promoting and optimizing, but this gives you a start in a good direction.

If you’d like to find out more about making Social Media work for you, please visit our website.


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