How To Heal Canker Sores With Herbs

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Canker sores are those little sores that form inside your mouth. They are painful and can last for a few weeks. Everyone gets them from time to time. Women tend to get them more than men. There are some herbs you can use to help ease the pain and heal them more quickly. Here are some ways to get rid of the awful pain of a canker sore.

Goldenseal can be used to help get rid of canker sores. Take goldenseal capsules filled with powder and place them in a cup of water. Stir, and use as a mouthwash. Set a timer and swish it around for at least a few minutes if you can.

You can use Myrrh as a tincture for your canker sores. It will get rid of any inflammation that you have from the canker sores and also relieve the pain you feel.

Licorice root can boost your immune system so that the canker sores heal more quickly. It also acts as a natural pain reliever.

Alfalfa can be very useful in fighting canker sores. It detoxifies the body and has many important vitamins and minerals that most people don’t get enough of.

Calendula can also help with canker sores. It gets rid of swelling and inflammation. The flowers are edible and are a beautiful addition to any salad.

Cayenne can also get rid of inflammation and prevents irritation of the canker sore. This is important because the canker sore usually becomes irritated and inflammed.

Since garlic is a natural antibacterial, it can be used to help prevent the canker sore from becoming infected.  Peppermint can cool and numb the area so that you feel less pain. Comfrey can heal tissues, so it can help your canker sore heal much faster.

Make a great mouthwash to heal your canker sore fast. Use any combination of the following herbs for this mouthwash: Calendula, garlic, alfalfa, peppermint, comfrey, or cayenne.


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