What Makes You Happy?

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            For what or for whom life worth living? What causes you to wake up and take it over again? What / who makes you smile or laugh? Who or what makes you proud of yourself? What do you enjoy doing? What is your favorite food/dessert? What you wanted to become when you were little?These are just some questions to answer when you are very depressed.

            I also used some of these questions when I was depressed. So, my life worth living, because I have a family that I love, I have some friends who like me and I like them, too and I like my job (almost always). I am proud of my accomplishments, but above all I am proud of my family. Although I had many problems in the past, I have the family that I wanted and I’m proud of it. Also, I enjoy reading, dancing, writing, to watch the sunrise, traveling and more. I always wanted to visit America, a goal still unmet.

            One of the things that makes me smile is my cat. He needed so much affection, that is always ready to be petted. Sometimes entering shriveling under the blanket next to us, sleeping like a human. Another time comes stealthily and gives paw over the hand, asking us to play with him.

             Among my favorite desserts include ice cream, cookies, chocolate cake and fruit that I like most are the grapes. My favorite color is blue and when I was little I wanted to become a ballerina. Favorite moment of the day’s sunrise, I like to feel the smell of grass in the morning and hear the noises made by birds, to see the rainbow after a summer rain, to watch the flight of butterflies, to ride, to climb in trees and many others.

             So, a lot of things make me happy. What makes you happy?


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