How to Maintain Air Conditioner

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How to Maintain Air Conditioner

Air conditioning unit is one of the elementary and common electrical equipments being used by the people throughout the world. Usually, it is installed for its simplicity and user friendliness and hence ignored by the people. But since it is mechanical machine it is prone to break down once a year in absence of suitable maintenance and repair. Hence ir is essential to carry out a frequent maintenance work on the machine. This will allow the unit to work at peak performance. Since there are many companies handling the AC, getting the best one is sure to be a tough act. But instead of hiring an expert or any other firm for the repair and maintenance work, it is advisable to adopt few precautions to avert frequent problems. You can solve numerous problems by yourself and thus save a lot of money. These are some elementary and general problems which can be averted by carrying out regular maintenance.

Faulty wiring: This is one of the most common air conditioning problems occurring due to improper maintenance. This involves circuit breaker tripping, low power etc. which leads to system working improperly. However, it is highly advisable to refer to owner’s manual and always switch off your unit while undertaking any electrical wiring work. Examine all the connections to take care that it is fixed properly. After examining all the connections, if the problems persist then call Air Conditioning NY expert to solve the problems.

System not cooling properly: Another common problem which usually occurs because of low refrigerant level. There are many causes for this problem like leakage from the coolant tank or if it has been not recharged for a long period. In case of a leakage from the coolant tank tighten it to solve this problem. But, when recharging or adding up coolant or Freon take care to see that it meets the manufacturer’s manual or else you might experience some problems later on.

Air filters cleaning: It is one of the most essential parts of air conditioning unit and hence should be maintained frequently and notably so as to avert later problems. Air filters should be cleaned or changed based upon the AC Repair Service conditions to protect from the dust and debris. If it is not examined in 1-2 months, it can give rise to numerous air conditioning issues.

External fan not working properly: Another regular problem which normally arises because of missing frequent and steady maintenance. This fan is one of the essential parts of air conditioning unit to send heat within your home to outdoors. If it does not work properly then it may lead to other problems such as heating of compressor, breaker tripping and many internal damages in the air conditioning unit.

Hence always carry out regular and frequent maintenance to maintain your air conditioning unit working properly.


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