Capture of a Slave

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Today was just an ordinary day, just like any other. I went hunting, as I normally do to help support my tribe. My tribe is quite small, compared to most. I started to walk towards the forest and stream, a place I knew animals stayed. This is common sense, where there is a river there is game.

So I started walking towards the forest, it is huge. There are so many trees here, that we could fit a hundred of or villages in there. Today I had to get at least one big game, a deer would do our chief said, but he also warned me, other tribes have already reported many of their hunters missing, but not from anywhere, but from this forest, but I have no fear, probably just a ruse to make sure that their the only ones in the forest.

I walked into the forest, there small animals all around, but they are not worth it; today I have to get a big animal. I continued through the forest, the trees getting larger and larger. Soon I could hear rushing water ahead of me. It was the river. As I got there, I felt like I was being watched. All of a sudden, there was a shuffling in the bushes in front of me. I spun around, nothing. Probably was the wind or some small animal. I continued to the river. When I got to the bank, I stopped to take a break and listen to the birds in the forest. Then I heard the rustling of bushes. I looked around. No, it cannot be, they cannot be back already. The pale skins, they are back already, they just left with more than 15 of our tribe.

I instantly jumped up and ran. I heard shouting behind me in a foreign language, but I did not want to look back. I had to run or else I would be caught. I ran as fast as I could, dodging trees, bushes or anything in my path. Finally I got out of the forest, but just as I got there, the pale skins were behind me. I had no choice but to fight. I advanced towards them with my spear. They looked at each other and spoke something I didn’t understand. Than one of them came forward and drew his sword. The other stood there watching. I didn’t want to kill him, it’s against our tribes rules, but they left me no choice. I had to fight them. He shouted something, but I couldn’t understand him. Frustrated he swung his sword at me, but I managed to sidestep his blow. I jabbed him in the knee with my spear and he collapsed. Than the other pale skin drew this weirdly shaped, silver metal object with a tube at it and pointed it at me. Than I heard a loud bang, instantaneously I felt pain, and fell down. I blacked out… 


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