Education War Declared

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I firmly believe that United States declared war on education long before the first school house was built. Issues like teen sex, domestic values, and cleaning up society where swept under the rug from the begining of day in he United States. It’s amazing how we have written a book of laws that for some strange reason we feel there is no nee to abide by. However, there is a reason. Education was not a huge part of of this country’s development. As a matter of fact we have everything and everybody to thank for the hand basket  we ae being sent to hell in except education. The way the west was one has alot to do with the way it is being lost. You did not need a college to degree to abuse, manipulate, steal,  or have intercourse with females half your age. These issues were standard pratice and as long as it was getting us ahead no one had a problem with it. Education was not thought of as productive and reading and writing were only for masters to draw the blueprint for destruction and protect thier life styles. 

So, here we are in 2011 and nothing has  changed. Well, accpet for this one issue. The school system is now being used to shield the crook. Indeed it has to be a means for the drug dealer , the bank robber , child molester,and murderer to convince himself and others that his or her behavior is civilized.  Leave it to the good old USA to take something made to do good and twist it into something bad. The advertisment I witnessed just ruled my life as in the toilet. They really tried to assult my self esteem with with a hand cannon. The way the actor was just shooting away at the charatcter of people that he didn’t even know was scary to me. It was like he was saying you’ll never amount to anything unless you give us your soul. That is the only food for though I drew back from the advertisment. I was angered but not motivated. I though out loud that there is no way you can educate anyone with such a low opion of themselves. Furthermore, there is no possible way you can educate some one that you have low opinon of. The question has been raised, what exactly is school for?

From my experience in the class room enviorment ,I can explain exactly how thick the BS is going to get before the implosion. They start of really nice and  happy to have you there so that this way you can be given the indication that this going to work out and then they bring in the disiplinarians. These forceful leaders decide to pick fights with students and run them out due to the fact that you are about to discover how dumb they are. Yes that’s right, they are obsolete. They have no tools to navigate through this society. They seem to neglect the dedicated students that have come by choice and make alliances with students forced into that situation by incarceration or other unpleasant circumstances. Since they decide to educate the bad influence the work place, goverments,and churches gets flooded with lawless  leadership. As a result you produce more non-productive members of society just waving their degree around trying to see who is for sale. I am not saying there is anything wrong with getting educated. However, more emphasis needs to be put on common sense before we reach for higher education. I must warn you of this fact.  Common sense is something that God gives you. You cannot take out loans for it and make monthly payments.  The school system has indeed become a war zone and intelligence is being measured by the accumulation of battle scars.


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