Marijuana as Medicine

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Using this as a medicine, not sure, though may be if it was your last resort then a chance of you trying could be an option.  A year ago a woman had been trying to find out about her illnesses but never got an answer from her doctor of what was actually going on with the pains that couldn’t be diagnosed, she decided to try Marijuana.

It doesn’t have to taken to get in to an addict or used as a drug to get you all hallucinating, for many patients this herb is now being medically permitted to use and is for some people working to heal neuropathic pain which is caused by certain types of nerve injuries.

Some people think it helps while others forbid using it, the fact that Marijuana is not a medicine, and it has not been approved in  most communities, there are no smoked medicines and if smoking tobacco causes so much problems why shouldn’t this do the same?

After research results have shown that it can be used as a painkiller, often allowing patients to use in small doses to ease pain but causes side effects and then you have to use other drugs to solve the problem of the Marijuana.
 A tree that won’t be legally used but still abused by many people.  


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