Walt Disney Subliminal Messages

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Disney subliminal messaging are real. if you believe it or not some people rather not believe it because they know it would change their total view on things and they just are not willing to believe anything truly bad and trying to corrupt them is out there its just simpler and easier to deny to truth and go about living like mindless idiots. Then people talk about the “true” message in the show and how you should forget about the subliminal messages.

Sweetie the true message in the show is subliminal and not supposes to be seen or caught on to that how it works. The true message gets in your head. While the story is all you’re picking up. People are such idiots. I don’t mean to believe everything that’s out there but damn use your brain and its not OKAY to let kids watch things like that because that who they’re targeting kids so these messages will get inside their brain and stay with them as they grow. Notice what time the movies came out 1980’s 1990’s some messages are harmless mistakes and some are about sex. Most messages I see are about sex. 1980’s 1990’s kids are young adults now. Now who’s the horniest bunch of kids you’ve seen? I mean all the Prego teens and all the homosexuality increased.

 I’m not saying subliminal messages are to blame for the whole thing but I think it has a role to play. Btw Walt Disney didn’t write the story for 90% of their movies. They’re usually children tales or stories from a long time ago with a much creepier story to it. Because that’s how they told stories back then I guess it wasn’t creepy for them. Disney just waters it down to some sappy love story example. The little mermaid killed herself because she didn’t marry the prince. But people didn’t like it so they made a happy ending with her becoming a sky mermaid and she got to live in heaven etc. because mermaids didn’t have souls and when they died they turned into sea foam and another part is when she got her legs her curse was they when she walked and danced it felt like she was stepping on a thousands swords. I’m done now.


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