Most Dangerous Spiders in The World

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There are five deadly spiders, the most deadlines is the Brazilian Wandering Spider.

The Red Back spider

It lives throughout Australia, the females are black with the red to orange stripe on its back. This spider causes many deaths, the area bitten is affected badly, severe pain and symptoms are weakness and vomiting, the venom is neurotoxic and your system is depleted. With the help of the anti venom people survive there has been hundreds of people bitten by this spider and several have died.


The Tree Dwelling Funnel Web Spider

This a spider of Australia, the venom of this spider is five times more deadly, a glossy body either black or brown and is extremely dangerous when approached it stands on its hind legs and its fangs are fiercely noticed. Deaths have occurred from this spider bite and symptoms are sweating and muscle twitching the  venom causes the nerves to fire rapidly.

The Brazilian Wandering Spider

This spider commonly known as the banana spider is found in the jungles of South America and is often found on the floor not in a web. It has an aggressive character is often found in homes, the most deadly spider has venom enough to kill a mouse. A side effect of this hard core spider bite,  is that it leaves you with a four hour erection.

Brown Recluse Spider

The victim bitten by Brown Recluse Spider

A small brown spider that is dangerous too, and should be respected. It has a violin shape on its back and its bite is like a bug bite after twenty four hours signs are shown. The bite swells and blisters, and is painful. At the time of the bite you don’t feel any pain and this is deadly if you don’t know you are bitten by poisonous spider, and is found in the United States of America. Brown Recluse Spiders live win webs but shouldn’t be disturbed.

The Black Widow Spider

A spider known as deadly in North America with a glossy back, an hourglass on the under of it back represents the colour red. Females are dangerous and the male is not so much of a danger. If bitten by the Black Widow Spider you will notice a fang mark and the bite will swell.  These bites have lead to deaths, symptoms are, high blood pressure, nausea, cramping in abdominal muscles and also back pain experienced.

All these spiders have venom that are a neurotoxin so you really have to watch out where you stand, touch and walk.  Always see where you touch especially in dark corners of cupboards and webs too.



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