Eric Meyer Refuses to Sign Allegiance of Loyalty to The United States (Doc Id: Rtsal) 11Jan20

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In our world today, there is much war and famine. People of other nations are skeptical and hesitant to accept our “gifts” and even more reluctant to accept agreements with our United States. After all, considering our history with the Native Americans, Negroes (prefer to call them African Americans) and other poor and humble peoples, this wariness by other nations is no surprise. Even domestic relations are often tense, as many people do not trust the American government or its legal system.

As prophet of the LORD Jesus Christ, I declare my refusal to sign a covenant of allegiance to any nation of any planet. My loyalty is to LORD Jesus Christ, the true God and supreme being. When I take office, with the Department of Peace for the United States, I will do so after God compels or forces a clear path for me politically. The American government and president Barack Obama will have no choice.

With my refusal to sign the covenant of allegiance to the United States or any politician, including the president of the United States himself, this news will have a powerful impact politically. The world will come to know this to be true; it is written in the Bible Code for all the world, waiting to found when the time-line is right.

Specifically, with this fact being known, the peoples of other nations will be significantly more trusting of the policies I put forth, advocate or, in the opposite, warn against and veto. My goal is to abide to LORD Jesus Christ, and I trust I always will, since God has trusted me enough to write so much for me in His Bible Code.

I know I will often contradict myself, even after a short while a days or hours sometimes. I speak the truth I know to be that which both I am ready to hear and see and which the person asking is ready to learn. I mean hear as voices of the LORD in my mind. I mean see as text in the Bible Code.

God loves all people in all nations, only actions are more or less pure or divine.

I know I have capacity for occasional error, but I try to serve God, and God knows in the end when I die I will have done substantial work to benefit His kingdom, helping make our Earth a paradise here for all of the world for one thousand years.

I am and always will be employed by LORD Jesus Christ. My work for LORD Jesus Christ has covenants with God that would be violated by signing a separate covenant of allegiance to the United States or to any nation on this earth or any planet of any solar system.

I was born on this earth and suffered on this earth among fellow humans. I am fully terrestrial and am human in every way. I trust the LORD Jesus Christ may reveal more detail of other life in our solar system and universe in the near future.

Flying saucers can be flown by prophets like those in history. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, has flown around in a flying saucer. The flying devices allow easier intervention by God on His people. The government cover-up on flying saucers is such to protect commercial and corporate interests and delay the coming of the world to awareness and acumen of the ways of the LORD Jesus Christ.

I plan to advise on the importance of releasing all secret UFO files held by the United States government as a way to help bring peace and unity among all nations. The ancients called them various things, but the truth is flying discs are technology of LORD Jesus Christ and are used to alert the world of coming transitions and changes.

Someday we will have people living in space, and planet Mars will again be populated by humans, as it once was a meeting space for space travelers in the distant past. The world will continue to evolve and become a paradise for all people for one thousand years.

In conclusion, I cannot sign a covenant of allegiance to any nation, not even my home nation of the United States. I must explain these truths and remain firm. If I go against God’s wishes and sign, I will expect God to punish me for my sin. So, I must refuse to sign such a covenant of allegiance for the duration of my life on this earth. I hereby share this scripture with the world, may this be public domain, written under the supervision of LORD Jesus Christ for the purposes of my employer, God.


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