What Foods Trigger Rheumatoid Arthritis

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When you open you fridge to see what is there to eat do you find anything that suits yourcravingsand doesn’t cause swelling, aches and stiffens your joints?

It is  easier than you think, you can still eat every thing your body craves but remember moderation, and if you    are eating red meat stick to leaner cuts.   You should follow an anti-flammatory diet to reduce these flares.

Red meat, poultry, eggs, butter and pork are the triggers of this kind of arthritis, because it contains saturated fat, and this increases the inflammation in the body.

After you have  a single meal of saturated fat your blood cells produce more inflammatory signals and this is for several hours, if you continue in this way you will have the problem worse. What you need is more poly unsaturated and monounsaturated fats like olive oil, nuts and avocados.

Chips you buy and store away and margarine these foods have trans-fatty acids which are chemically processed and in turn makes it more solid and stable. Buying foods that you think is free of trans may not be true so a safer way will be to stay away from foods that partially include hydrogenated oils on the ingredient list.

If you crave snacks don’t have chips or crisps rather a handful of walnuts. Replace margarine with Flaxseed oil or fish oil.  Cakes, cookies, white bread , potatoes, and rice are high on the glycemic index, add fibre to your diet, have in moderation.

Milk and wheat products, some of these foods trigger headaches and irritable bowl syndrome, for each person is different, changeyour dietif some foods don’t go with you.



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