The Greatest American Hero: Dreams

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Considering that The Greatest American Hero: Dreams episode was really about a year into the partnership between Ralph the teacher and Bill the FBI man, it seems a little early for them to be dealing with the prison release of a man they had put behind bars, especially when you consider that a trial had to have occurred and there had to be time for the crook to have found religion.  It’s just not believable at all that they’d be battling an ex-con who wants revenge.

There is also an unusual element to this episode in that it involves a lot of the high school where Ralph teaches, including multiple teachers.  I like that part of the series, but it’s one that ends up practically eliminated by the end of the series.

Much of the show is about dreams, though, and fighting for what you want.  I was particularly impressed with Elizabeth Hoffman who plays teacher Margaret Detwiler.  She wants to be a vice principal and ends up fired early on.  Hoffman is notable to me because she had a recurring part on Stargate SG-1 that I always liked.  Seeing her here simply reaffirms how wonderful she is to watch.

There’s a really horrible blooper that has Ralph talking to Pam and Bill, only he’s not talking.  There was obviously dialog added in voice overs and the editor wasn’t able to compensate.  It’s really funny; Ralph’s talking, but he’s not.

The show also includes a scene at Ralph’s home, something which occurs less with the passage of time too.  They still have a few remnants of Kevin, Ralph’s son who disappeared at the end of the first season and is never mentioned again.

I also like that there is a beautiful song about dreams sung over the ending credits.


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