Sea Hunt: The Persuaders

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From season 2, Sea Hunt: The Persuaders is rather enjoyable to watch.  I’ve always said that the shows that actually take place in the water as the best ones.  While this episode isn’t really about sea life or such, the action is beneath the surface for the most part, and I like that.

Lloyd Bridges portrays Mike Nelson, scuba diver extraordinaire, who is prepping his boat for his next assignment.  On a break, he communicates with the pilot of an amphibian plane, Dick Talbot (Dick Probert), who is flying overhead.  Talbot tries to get Nelson to join him for playtime in Catalina.

I really like this exchange because it gives more depth to Nelson, adding some personal life.  The two fellas even joked about meeting some blondes.

The big drama occurs after the conversation ends, when Nelson is forced to go with a couple of drug dealers to retrieve some drugs that had been hidden in a container 60 feet below the surface of the water.

What is fun to watch is that the narration that Bridges does as Nelson really takes us through his thoughts as he ponders what to do when he finds the drugs.  I enjoy how the narration was written.  I also liked the added element of the sharks, which had to be considered.

I’m not sure the ending was the best it could have been, and I certainly wanted a bit more dialog, but on the whole, it all worked out nicely.


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