The Greatest American Hero: It's All Downhill From Here

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From the second season of the series, The Greatest American Hero: It’s All Downhill from Here makes a person wonder how a high school teacher can afford all these trips.  The last two episodes were in the Caribbean and now we’re the ski slopes of Squaw Valley.  I guess William Katt’s Ralph Hinkley never has to work anymore.

The opening features a lot of skiing scenes, with Ralph being the super skier, thanks to the alien space suit he’s wearing beneath his ski outfit.  There is some cute banter between Ralph and his girlfriend, Pam, about his skiing ability.

While on the slopes, Ralph runs into an old friend who is into the environmental movement.  Sandra Kerns guest starred as Samantha Brice.  She’s interesting, but what I don’t like is how she is turned into a caricature of an activist.  Ralph has been into saving the planet and all, so why they chose to turn Samantha into a joke is beyond me, but that’s pretty much what they did.

Red West also appears playing Blandin, a CIA operative who has a run-in with Ralph.  He had a couple of good scenes and was snazzy to watch.  It’s one of his better roles, though it was a short one.

Also in the show is Bob Hastings, who basically just calls the ski competition being run.  I like watching him, but it’s not a challenging role.  He also appeared in season 1 as Pam’s dad.

The basic plot is average and nothing we haven’t seen before.  A skier is killed, only he’s not just a skier, and that’s the set up for the drama that unfolds.  The real fun is in watching Samantha, even if she isn’t written all that well.


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