American Idol: 2011 Audition #1 – New Jersey

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American Idol: 2011 Audition #1 – New Jersey began the 10th season of this reality competition show on the Fox Network.  I had told myself that there was no way I was going to watch it, but there really wasn’t anything else on opposite it to get my interest, so I figured I let it run in the background, like radio noise.

After an overdone glorified introduction of the new season and new judges, they got down to business.  I like being back to 3 judges, though I’ve been highly skeptical of them.  This year it’s Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, and Jennifer Lopez.

What surprised me was that I somewhat liked this first audition.  No, I’m not making a snap judgment because these shows are so highly edited.  However, it seemed to focus more on the talent and their stories, rather than making idiots out of people who are already delusional about their vocal abilities.

Yes, there were the off-tune and screechy types.  They had their segments, but not as much as in past seasons.  Again, just night one, but I was more interested than I’d been in a long time.

Tyler’s foul mouth was annoying.  I hope he got better and learned what was and wasn’t appropriate, though he should know that already.  Lopez was a little Paula-like in that she got up and hugged a gal who had a lifelong admiration of JoLo going.

Even Ryan Seacrest had a moment of humanity at the end that made him less annoying.  Even Jennifer asked if he was crying, and he said the story that had just been told was touching.

Maybe there is hope for a new American Idol that is worth watching after all.


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