The Greatest American Hero: The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea

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The Greatest American Hero: The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea features the gang still in the Caribbean, a continuation from the prior episode.  They have moved to a new locale, Bermuda.

The series stars William Katt as Ralph Hinkley.  He saves a woman who claims to have seen a sea monster.  Ralph really believes her, does a lot of research, and actually gives the creature the name of Carrie, after the Caribbean.

Pam (Connie Sellecca) gets to exercise some of her legal talent in the show, which I always like.  It just gives her more authority and something to do besides bring Ralph his alien space suit.

Faye Grant’s character of high school student Rhonda Blake gets to sing some more.  This time around, her boyfriend, Tony (Michael Paré) gets a jealous of a man who is promising to promote Rhonda and the group.  Tony is working as a waiter (which frankly doesn’t make a lot of sense or seem realistic) and gets some payback, not once, but twice with the promoter.  Those were fun moments.

Jeremy Kemp guest starred as Warden Devereaux.  This is an okay performance in a very cliche, villainous role.  There’s this creepy moment when he stars at his fish after ordering the death of Le Clerc.  He’s played by Glynn Turman, who does a decent job.  The problem was that it was a predictable role, and that was the disappointing element.

The show has one of those endings where we see ‘Carrie’ at the end, but no one else done. Of course, with the lack of a real special effects budget, she looks more like a plastic dragon being pushed up a tank of water.  It was a little unfulfilling as endings go.


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