Make A Yummy Yogurt Smoothie

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A healthy diet is essential to feeling good and living a longer and more active life. It is not always possible to make the right choices when you are out and about during the day without a lot of time to plan what you can eat that is going to be good for you. Eating the wrong thing once in a while is not going to be a huge deal if you make it a point to eat healthy things the rest of the time. Breakfast and snack time are both times when people mess up, so why not come up with some yogurt smoothie recipes that you can make quickly and easily at home or to take with you when you are on the go?

The basis for a yogurt smoothie is, of course, the yogurt. Many people are now turning to Greek yogurt because it is very healthy for you with many amazing health benefits. You can use any type of plain, vanilla yogurt that you want, but if you can find Greek in your store, give it a try and see if you like it. Most people do. This yogurt, whatever you choose, is going to be the base for your yogurt smoothie so make sure the taste is agreeable to you. Once you have that, you can do almost anything that you want for your smoothies.

You can make a yogurt smoothie with just the yogurt, or you can use ice and make it a super cold smoothie, almost like ice cream. You can freeze your yogurt, or you can chop up some ice to a super fine mix to add to your yogurt. You can even freeze your yogurt smoothie once you are done with it to have a frozen yummy yet healthy dessert option each night when you start to crave something sweet. Add ice before or freeze after. They should be about the same no matter which method you choose.

Next, choose your flavors for your yogurt smoothie recipes. You can do almost anything as long as you choose healthy items. You never want to add sugar, so go with naturally sweet items for your smoothies. These could be common things like strawberry or blueberry, or perhaps you want to try something like star fruit or another less common but equally yummy and sweet fruit in your yogurt smoothie. If you think you want to add some sweetness after adding your fruit, think about a touch of honey rather than table sugar or artificial sweetener.

You can move away from fruit for a yogurt smoothie once in a while if you want to go with something different for a change of pace. You can find ways to add coffee to them in the morning so that you can have a bit of coffee flavor with your healthy breakfast. You can also find other flavorings that are not going to add sugar or other unwanted items to your drink. There are some great ideas out there, so look around to see what you may think would make a great yogurt smoothie.


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