The Greatest American Hero: The Shock Will Kill You

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The Greatest American Hero: The Shock Will Kill You was the 13th show of the 2nd season and gave us an electrifying experience; well, it did the main character, anyway.  The show actually opens up with the thrill of a space shuttle mission, only we quickly learn that there is a problem and that all of the systems have shut down.

Naturally, it’s Ralph Hinkley and his superhero alien space suit to the rescue.  He succeeds, only he ends up being supercharged after getting the shuttle down.  This leads to a fun bit where he lights up a train track and then becomes a human magnet.

One of the funny things I noticed in this show is that Pam and Bill have almost identical red plaid shirts on.  It really was weird to watch, and even though the show covered about 48 hours, they both still wore the same shirts.

As someone who loves to notice goofs or things that don’t make sense, I also noticed that Pam’s rings remained on her fingers even though Bill’s watch was yanked off his wrist more than once.

The military portrayal in this episode seemed overly high strung.  I actually have noticed this in other episodes that have included the military.  I’m not sure why it’s like that, but it feels awkward to me, like a parody and not really a scene that honestly presents a branch of the service in the show.

I wish I could say this story was true to the original intent of the series, but have Ralph battle a hydra monster or electric squid as Bill called it took it outside the realm of human nature and into relative disbelief.  I didn’t like any part of that story.

However, I did it when Bill commodored a horse, invoking FBI privilege.  Now that was fun.


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