The Greatest American Hero: The Hand-Painted Thai

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The Greatest American Hero: The Hand-Painted Thai, the 11th show of the second season, focused on what we call today, sleeper agents, people planted in the United States, living the American way, who are one day called into service by their home country and then do destructive things against America.  The one difference here is that these agents are actually hypnotized American pilots who aren’t really spies, but who respond to a word stimulus to go into action.

The show guest stars James Shigeta as Colonel Shawn Liang.  He’s actually very happy in his American life.  When he gets the order from General Vin Chow (John Fujioka) that it’s time to blow up the dam, Liang’s reaction is a hoot.  He laments “why now,” referring to his company going national.

There was an entertaining bit halfway through at a show that featured hypnotic suggestion.  Hilary Labow guest starred as Erika Van Damm in this segment as she entranced the audience.  This led to a neat theme for the rest of the show where Bill Maxwell (Robert Culp) ends up under a suggestion where he reacts to his favorite word, ‘scenario’.  Culp really does this well.

On the whole, it’s not a bad show, but they’ve done a lot better, too.


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