BE Respectable

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The first person to give you respect is yourself. It starts right with the way you dress. Ask yourself, would i respect someone dressed like me? The society respects smart people both in dressing and brainwise. Your dressing must be consistently decent if you want to get respect.

The way you talk could spoil everything. This goes down even to the details of how loud you speak. You are the only one who can train yourself on this. How you laugh goes a long way to imprint  a picture of you on people’s mind.always laugh diplomatically.

How do you walk? your walking style can give you a plus or otherwise. Always walk uprightly and looking straight ahead with a half serious face. you should strictly avoid looking down as this potrays someone not confident. Your mouth should always be closed.

If you have to pocket your hands, make sure your coat is above them. You should walk with a speed anywhere between slow and medium. this shows someone stress free and incontrol of everything he/she does. Always concentrate on the present when in peoples presence. Day dreaming lowers people’s perception of you.

This are some of the simple things that go a long way to determine if people give it to you or not. Always remember that people remember the negatives and one simple blunder in your lifestyle can give you a description you’ll live with.If you practise the simple habits I’ve described then you are ready to get to the complicated ones.


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