Five Travel Job Ideas

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Travel is one pastime that some people can’t get enough of, but funding is usually a problem. There are so many places to see in this world, you’d have to be independently wealthy in order to satisfy your traveling urges. Then there are corporate executives and sales people who must travel frequently on business. While their travel expenses are paid, most would tell you they’d be happy to never get on a plane again. However, there are ways to travel for business, with some or all of your expenses paid and have a blast doing so. Here we have five great ideas for travel jobs that get you around the world, doing work you enjoy.

1.Become a travel agent. If you think this is not the time to enter this competitive field, think again. The latest trend in agency travel jobs is in niche travel. For example, there are travel agents who specialize in adventure travel tours to what is best described as way off the beaten track. Think the Sahara Desert, Australian outback or the Amazon rain forests. Other niche travel agents focus strictly on cruises, and yet others on coordinating corporate travel of the luxury type. While it may take a few years to develop a healthy list of clients, there are people who are making six figure incomes in this industry. Naturally, in order to properly develop your niche, you’ll need to take trips to these places to get the real skinny for your clients. The entire expense can be written off as an investment in your business!

2.If you’ve traveled extensively in certain countries, why not become a tour operator? Other people who are not such experienced travelers are able to learn so much in just an afternoon, which really adds value to their trip. Walking tours through districts in a large city enable your clients to really gain the flavor of the place they’d never get wandering on their own. Bus tours are another popular way to tour large cities, especially with older people, who may not be up to long walks, or whose vacation time is simply too short. Again, not only is your trip free, but you profit as well. Most tour operators work just half the year. If you’re the outgoing type, this can be a very enjoyable travel job.

3.Start an import-export business. This is not difficult and there are many books to guide you through the legal requirements of starting this type of business. For example, many antique dealers travel abroad to find their goods, then ship them back, all written off as a business expense. You can work this travel job idea in any venue you like, be it clothing, jewelry or rare books.

4.Become a travel writer. Although it takes a while to break into this type of travel job, virtually all of your expenses are paid, so even if jobs are few and far between in the beginning, it’s still a paid vacation and you are paid for the piece as well. As you build credentials, the jobs start coming to you.

5.This last travel job idea requires some up front work on your part, but can pay off handsomely. Write a book proposal and sell it. For example, let’s say you’d like to make a trip to Italy. Write a proposal for a book that covers Italy’s best finds in accommodations. You travel from one end of Italy to the other, stopping at all the major travel destinations, as well as the lesser known, medieval hilltop towns. As you find those quaint hotels and farmhouse accommodations, you approach the owner and let them know you’re writing a book on the great hotels of Italy and would like to include a review of theirs, in exchange for a night’s stay. Bring your publisher’s contract so they know you’re on the up and up.
All of these travel job ideas are viable businesses that allow you to travel for a living!


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