The Signs of a Man Loving You

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Usually a man is reluctant to express his love to a woman in words, no matter how often he is asked. He sincerely hopes that the one he loves can feel his deep love through what he does for her.

A man loving a woman will pay much attention to her feelings. He will be upset when she is unhappy and smile when she smiles or laughs. Of course, he will not express his feelings directly, but he will do a lot of things to help her deal with unhappy things or stay with her to share her happiness.

When loving a woman deeply, a man is willing to give her the best thing in the world as long as he can afford. He will not hesitate to buy something she likes, but pretends that he does not need anything new.

A man will think that he is not only responsible for taking care of the woman he loves but also her family and even friends. He always volunteers to offer helps when she is in need and does his best to finish what he is asked to do.

Even when he is in anger, the man will not argue with the woman he loves, as he is unwilling to hurt her. He would rather discuss about the matter when he calms down, and get over it soon.

His family and friends will always hear good words of the woman he loves, as he truly believes that the woman he loves is the best one in the world. But when in front of the woman he loves, he can only tell the true part of himself, as he takes lying to her as something unforgivable.


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