Smartphones Are On The Hackers Target, Easy Phones Aren’t

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Smartphones make it possible for data to live in your pocket. With this convenience, who will not want to grab a smartphone for himself? However, there is still something that a lot of people do not know yet about these advanced phones. When speaking of security, how well do these phones stand as compared to easy phones in the market?

Just like how hackers can access your pc and laptops, smart phones are threatened by the growing number of viruses and hackers attacks. Though the viruses are not that much as compared to those attacking computer systems, the viruses attacking smartphone operating systems are on the rise. With more and more people entrusting their data in their handheld phones, smartphones pose more risks of being hacked today as compared to computer systems.

Smartphones: The New Target of Hackers

To date, there are already worms, viruses and Trojans that are launched in the wildly used smartphones. A lot of experts see these viruses not just as a simple threat but also as a very serious one. Hackers can power up these viruses and worms to make tasks as simple as deleting personal data. However, they can also be powered up to overload cellular phone networks and make them crash eventually.

Other viruses can also be used by hackers to run a user’s phone bill up through making phone calls using the infected cell phone. This is not to mention yet that in the future, the viruses can be used to steal financial data stored in the phone’s database.

Today, viruses and worms can be passed from one smartphone to another through software download. There are already a lot of applications that are out in the market that contain viruses, which can give out simple to serious threats to the users.

The worse news today is that despite the increasing number of reports of hackers on smartphones, manufacturers of these phones and applications do not have a set solution yet for the problem. There are no efficient tool manufactured that can counteract the effects of these viruses and worms on smartphones. Even though there are some vendors that are already developing security approaches to smartphone users, the solution is still too young to 100% defeat the wreck these hackers are about to start.

Easy Phones: The Best Anti-Hacker Solution

Even if you appreciate the technology that provided to you by smartphones, you can’t be 100% secured with it. Hence, the best solution today is that you stay with the easy phones.

Easy phones will still let you do normal tasks in your cellular phone such as calling and texting. Though it cannot offer you emailing, application downloading, etc.., you can be certain that no matter how you use it, the hackers do not have any means to check on your gadget. This is not to mention yet that easy phones will give you so much convenience in terms of how simple they operate and how basic their functions are.

If you need to use other services in a smartphone, you know you can always get your laptop or your desktop computer to do the job for you. After all, there are more security solutions you can use in computer systems. Keep in mind that though smartphones are your jack-of-all-trades gadget, the easy phones will be the ones to give you more peace of mind and security from hackers.


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