The Greatest American Hero: Now You See It

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The Greatest American Hero: Now You See It has our resident superhero, Ralph Hinkley (William Katt), getting a new power to add to his stable of abilities.  It comes on without warning when he sees the jet that his girlfriend Pam is in crash to the ground.  Eventually, he realizes he is seeing a future event.

The show begins, though, with some classroom fun.  I have to enjoy these scenes now because by season 3, they are gone.  Even though some o the regular students show up, the concept of Ralph the teacher dealing with being a superhero on the side has pretty much vanished to just Ralph being the superhero who teaches as a sideline.  The scene here was a spelling contest between the boys and the girls, and it included some nifty ways of spelling ‘spectacular’ and ‘ridiculous’.  I loved it.

The show includes a lot of footage of military jets being scrambled and seeking out the jet with the intention of shooting it down.  I enjoyed seeing this action.  It’s fast paced and exciting.

There’s some humor with a stray cat that ends up being pivotal in explaining Ralph’s vision, and I love that the cat is included in the end scene.  I actually enjoyed this whole last scene, which gives us a little romance, too.  This balances out all of the action and wraps up the show nicely.


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