How is it That 50 is The New 40 While 40 is The New 30 And 30 is The New 20, Does That Mean That 20 is The New 10?

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As a modern society we have to simplify things such as time, list and our age. When somebody ask for the time it always seems rounded off, it’s 11:15 rather than 11:11. People love top five, top ten or even top 100 list. So when it comes to age we often hear the term ‘something’ added to the general age group such as Twenty something, Thirty something, Forty something and even Fifty something.

At some point somebody got tired of giving their actual age when asked and also became self-conscious of their own aging. This led to a blatant exaggeration of anywhere from five to twenty years younger than their actual age or that they never age beyond twenty seven. The societal comfort with us today regarding age is saying that one’s age is ten years their junior such as fifty is now the new forty, forty is the now new thirty, thirty is the new twenty and twenty is the new ten. Wait a minute, oops, what, twenty is the new ten? That’s absurd and that’s where you can’t pretend to DE-age yourself by ten years. Most people at twenty do not feel the need to pretend that they are ten years younger but I brought it up in it’s absurdity to make a larger point about this phenomenon. I understand the need for people after thirty to feel the need to express that they are ten years younger but they should not pay lip service to it but actually put into perspective what it’s like to be ten years younger.

This can be done in numerous ways from becoming as fit and healthy as possible to being active and doing things that we loved ten years ago and still love but with renewed vigor and freshness as if we are experiencing what it was like ten years ago.

However, it’s not about any age being the new lesser age as you are continually evolving, growing and reinventing yourself keeping the mind, body, heart and soul ever young. We can try to shake up our routines, habits and perspectives. Taking a different way home from work and maybe discovering something that we were unaware of before. Perhaps one can change how they deal with strangers maybe engaging people more in depth of conversation rather than just a quick smile.

So the next time someone says any age is the new ten year lesser age you’ll say we are in the midst of our own personal evolution which is the new all of us.



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