Herbal Cures For Burns

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Burns are very painful, but they tend to happen often. Some people may not know how to care for a burn properly. There are many herbs that are useful in treating burns, disinfecting them, and getting rid of the pain associated with burns. Whether you have a sunburn, curling iron burn, or serious burn, here are some things you can do to naturally heal your burn faster.

First, let us talk about the type of burns. There are first degree burns, which make the skin red. There are second degree burns, which cause blisters. The last type of burn is a third degree burn, which causes damage to the nerves and burns through several layers of skin. You are always supposed to go to the emergency room when you have a third degree burn.

When you have a first or second degree burn, in general you can treat those at home with some home remedies. These are the herbs to use and descriptions for why you would use them in this case.

Aloe vera gel is great for any type of burn. It can be used on a sunburn or any other burn you get (second or first degree). Aloe gets rid of inflammation and is also a pain reliever. It has a cooling effect when applied to the burned skin. It also helps your burn to heal more quickly than it normally would.

Calendula can help get rid of the inflammation caused by burns. It is also an antiseptic. It is very important to clean the burn every day with an antiseptic. You want to prevent the burn from getting infected from dirt. An infected burn is the last thing you want. Calendula cream also helps to speed up the healing time of the burn.

Use blackberry if your burn is a second degree burn with blisters. These blisters can ooze puss and liquid sometimes. Blackberry can keep that from happening.

Comfrey is great for burns because it promotes the healing of skin tissues. This is important because usually when you get a bad burn, the skin tissues are damaged. If you are worried about your burn leaving a scar, also use comfrey because it prevents scars.

Witch hazel is great for sunburns because it keeps them from swelling. Have you ever had a sunburn that was bad enough to swell? Use witch hazel. Also, use it for the pain because it’s a pain reliever.


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