The Greatest American Hero: The Newlywed Game

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Finally, in the 5th show of the 3rd season, fans got their wish and saw attorney Pam Davidson (Connie Sellecca) marry high school teacher and part time superhero Ralph Hinkley (William Katt) get married, but it wasn’t without some crazy merriment and anxious drama first.

In The Greatest American Hero: The Newlywed Game, it’s the night before the wedding.  Ralph’s best friend and partner, Bill Maxwell (Robert Culp), is taking Ralph to a surprise bachelor party when they are abducted and taken to a secret location.  Ultimately, they are led to believe that they are now working for the President.

Meanwhile, Pam gets her own surprise bridal shower in which she partakes a bit too much.

June Lockhart returns as Pam’s mother with Norman Alden brought in to play her dad (Bob Hastings played the part in season 1).  Also returning was Michael Pare as Tony, one of Ralph’s students.  I believe this is the only episode he was in this season, so I thought that was cool.  Missing was Faye Grant, whose V aired in 1983.

The wedding does take place, but naturally, it is nowhere near a normal ceremony, thanks to the bad guys showing up at the charge, but the final scene makes up for it by having a very intimate scene that clearly shows the newlyweds are enjoying their wedded bliss.


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