The Greatest American Hero: The Resurrection of Carlini

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The Greatest American Hero: The Resurrection of Carlini revolves around a famous magician who supposedly died a year ago, right after being implicated in the murder of a woman.  The plot from this 3rd season show allows lead character Ralph Hinkley (William Katt) to show off his love of magic.  Hinkley is fun in this way because he’s not really afraid of showing his inner child.  He’s done it before in other episodes, and this is just a nice continuation of that.

Robert Culp is again along for the ride as FBI agent Bill Maxwell, who is his normal curmudgeon self and doesn’t really want to play Ralph’s magic games.  He had worked on the original case, so is naturally eager to work on it again when Carlini’s death is given a second look.  He has some great bits in this show, especially in the final scenes.

We do end up getting to see a lot of magic in the show, including when Ralph subs for a magician.

Tawny Little, Miss America 1976, who became an actress and also did some entertainment hosting, has a part in her as herself doing interviews that provide a lot of background early on in the show.

The best part of the show is seeing how Pam (Connie Sellecca) and Bill dress up for the climatic magic scenes.  It’s like Halloween all over again.  Unfortunately, the show aired two weeks after Halloween.  Still, it has the fun of the night.


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