Standing ON Solid Ground

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Sometimes I feel so discouraged,
feel like life is one big ugly mess
and it seems there are no answers,
no way out of this distress,
this empty, hopeless feeling,
no gladness, only sorrow
mixed in with all my doubts and fears
until I dread each new tomorrow.

It seems each day is dark and dreary
even though the sun may shine;
with all these burdens crushing me
there seems just gray clouds in mine…

But when I get up each morning,
take time for God and pray,
all these negative, bad feelings
seldom darken my day.

When I walk my day with Jesus
He shines light through life’s dark clouds,
lifts the weight of my burdens
and eases my fears and doubts.
When I follow where He leads me,
listen to and do His will,
He calms the storm within my soul
and life’s churning waters stills.

When we see life as a churning tide
and we feel we just might drown
God reaches out and carries us
‘til we can stand on solid ground.

We need not worry tomorrow.
It will take care of itself
and any dread we have today
is just a prayer away from help.
When we walk with Jesus,
though troubles may churn around,
we’ll not be swept up by the tide,
God will not let us drown.

When we start each day with Jesus,
when we lay our burdens down,
He will lift us up and carry us
‘til we’re on solid ground.
He will lead us if we follow Him.
He knows and lights the way,
directing us out of the storm
even on our darkest days.


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