The Greatest American Hero: Plague

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The Greatest American Hero: Plague was a show that displayed the comedic talents of both William Katt and Robert Culp.  Katt plays the title role of the series, a high school teacher named Ralph Hinkley who was given a superhero type of spacesuit by some aliens to help protect Earth.  Culp is Bill Maxwell, an FBI agent who just wants to bring down the bad guys.

The humor comes in because in the course of the story both end up thinking they have contracted Small Pox.  Both end up doing some hysterically funny hypochondriac acts, confident their tongues are swelling and their vision going wacky.

I really love the scene where the two find out that it takes 2 weeks for the symptoms to show up.  This scene includes Arthur Rosenberg, who guest stars as a doctor.  Rosenberg does well here, but I can’t help but envision him in his masterful role in The Verdict with Paul Newman.

At one point in the story, Ralph flies through a hotel room.  I remember when the show air reading something about it taking him so long to pick up the flying thing.  Even in the last season, he was still having problems.

The last scene is really awesome as everyone who has come into contact with Bill and Ralph have to be quarantined.  It’s just cute to see Ralph and girlfriend Pam snuggling, while Bill and Carlisle, his FBI supervisor, are playing games.


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