The Ampatuans Are in The News Again!

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The Ampatuans are in the news again!

Does anyone here remember what happened on November 23, 2009 in Maguindanao?

For those who don’t, a massacre occurred in Maguindanao, a province in Mindanao (Philippines). 58 people were killed on that day. Journalists, lawyers, innocent motorists and Mangudadatu’s wife and 2 sisters were amongst those killed in a brutal fashion. Heads rolled (literally) and other barbaric killing methods were used. I thought spears were old fashioned, apparently they used them to gouge eyes with.

I could list down a more of the things they did to those killed but even the thought of it sickens me.

So here we are a year later and just a couple of months and again they’re in the news. This time, the wife of the mayor (Second wife of Ampatuan) hired a fully armed security detail equipped with high powered guns and they were brandishing it in a brazen fashion intimidating people around them. Luckily the police came and confiscated everything.

It turns out, the security detail don’t even have a permit to carry these firearms.

And isn’t Maguindanao in a state of emergency?

Civilians are not allowed to carry any weapons during a state of emergency! Only lawmen and soldiers.

It seems like this savage and corrupt nature is not only in the blood of the Ampatuans but also those related to them. Sheesh! Power does corrupt absolutely!

I just hope our justice system does not allow these animals to run freely, acting on their corrupt whims!

And I hope the other Ampatuans, take this as a lesson in humility. Once they were in power, but not anymore. The law is the law. The other kin should strive to clean their tarnished surname by doing community service. I pity the innocent family members who carry the family name as they will forever be branded as the people who mindlessly massacred innocents.



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