The Bosch Coffee Maker Tassimo Series

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I’ve been a caffeine addict for years now, which is what happens when you spend any amount of time living in either Seattle or San Francisco (and I’ve done both in the last decade). It started out when I was living in Seattle and working from the University of Washington. You can’t swing a towel in Seattle without hitting a coffee shop, and half the people I worked with were into lattes and cappuccinos, so naturally I ended up going on coffee breaks to the University Ave. My regular poison was a tall single latte, though that eventually became double, and then even triple.

Should you’ve ever nursed a big-time gourmet coffee habit, you realize exactly how much money it costs. I figured out that over the last 7 years, I probably spent minimum 12,000 dollars on coffee drinking. If you’re hitting a Starbucks once or twice a day, 5 to 7 days a week, you are going to drop no less than 150 bucks a month on your coffee habit. Well, work has slowed down in the last year, and I don’t have as much money to spend on my habit, so I started looking around for other options.

I knew I wanted to be able to make lattes, espressos and cappuccinos, but I thought it might be nice to start mixing it up with some tea and chai drinks, too, especially to try to drop back on the caffeine intake. I just don’t handle the dosage the same way I used to. I’m living in a small place now, and the kitchen is really small, so I didn’t have room for a big bulky full-on espresso machine. Which I couldn’t afford anyway, those things cost a BUNDLE! You’re looking at half a grand to buy anything even halfway decent.

I spent some time snooping around the net, and didn’t really find anything I liked, but about 3 months ago, a lady I did some market research for invited me to a party at her place, and she had just about the coolest little automated coffee maker I’ve ever seen. I walked in the door early, and she asked me what I wanted to drink. I asked what she had, and she rattled off half a dozen hot drinks that she could give me. I told her she didn’t need to put herself to this kind of trouble, but she said it was no trouble at all. So I asked for a latte, and before I got back from washing my hands, it was waiting for me on the dining room table.

So I spent the next 10 minutes quizzing her about this great little machine, and what it could do, where she got it, how much it cost, the works. It was made by Bosch, a brand I knew about, and the official model number is the T20, I think; you can find it online. This thing was completely automated, you didn’t even have to push different buttons or dial knobs around to make very different kinds of drinks. The drinks come in these little packages called “t-discs” and you just pop one into the machine and hit the button. The machine reads a barcode on the disc, and knows exactly how much water to push through the disc, how fast, what pressure, what temperature, everything automatic.

After seeing that, I knew what I was going to do. It was just what I was hunting for! The device was made by Bosch, and they were running a special web promotion so that if you buy their coffee maker tassimo series, you could get $30 off, a couple of free packages of t-discs, and even have a full guarantee to get your money back if you weren’t satisfied; what was there to lose? Needless to say, I pulled up my web browser and found the deal online the moment I got home, and a few days later, I had that machine in my hot little hands.

This thing is great! There’s at least 40 or 50 different brands and varieties of t-discs, and it can make 7 different types of drink. If you need a tea, it makes tea; you need hot chocolate, you’re set; you want an espresso, latte, cafe crema, you’re good to go; cappuccinos, check; and it even makes plain old coffee to boot. I’ve got three cabinet shelves full of t-discs, everything from chai to Suchard hot cocoa and Starbucks too. The drinks are great, I can make one whenever I want, and they also cost one fifth or less what I would spend at a Starbucks or SBC. I easily saved the cost of the machine within the first two months. Plus, the thing can be a breeze to take care of; all the parts you would plan to wash you’ll be able to detach and put in the dishwasher!

So if you’re a coffee addict like me and you intend to cut back on the cost of your habit, I strongly advise you to look into the Tassimo Brewbot. The last time I checked, you’ll be able to still get the deal online, but even if you didn’t, it’s more than worth their full price (I think it’s $130). You can actually try it out for a full month and send it back if you don’t like it. But I really doubt you will; they’d have to take mine at gunpoint!


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