What a Virus Really is in Disguise

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Lots of people hear about viruses all the time and they’ve seen what viruses can do to their computers first-hand but what does a virus really look like or what is it?

Well a virus is just a program like any other you see and use on your computer like firefox or internet explorer, but the difference between them is what they are meant to do, internet explorer reads information and outputs it on screen which is what you see when you surf the internet, a virus cannot be seen because it is programmed most of the time without anything visual, so it wont alert anyone of its presence, but that is only in some circumstances. In other it is visible.

Viruses are basically programs which are written in a programming language such as C++, Visual Basic and they are made to do harm or to steal information from the computer that is infected usually very personal information such as credit card numbers a or passwords to certain wesbites.

A programming language is a language which a programmer can understand and then it is fed into a program that translates it into a language which the computer understands, machine language after which it can be run on a computer every program is made this way.

When you scan your computer for a virus you are basically scanning your computer for a program that has malicious code, each antivirus has a list of suspects and when its scanning it compares everything to the suspect list and when its found its deleted.

So when you hear about a virus don’t think about some “thing” that infects your computer, think about a program someone made intentionally to infect you and steal your information or to just give you a hard time.


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