Five Unusual Natural Solutions For Insomnia

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If you’re struggling to fall asleepeach night or have trouble staying asleep when you do, you’ve probably tried over-the-counter sleep aids. If you’re concerned about becoming dependent on sleep aids, I’d like to offer five natural treatments to beat insomnia and help you sink into peaceful sleep.

Dry Skin Brushing

Wait. What? Yup. Dry skin brushing. Dry skin brushing is a natural method used to detoxify the body through gentle massage with a dry, long-handled, soft-bristled brush. How is it a natural treatment for insomnia? Dry skin brushing removes toxins from the largest organ in our body: the skin. Our bodies are filled to the brim with over-processed food, chemicals found in our cosmetics and environment pollutions. Ridding your body of these toxins will have a surprisingly relaxing, calming effect on the mind and help rebalance your natural sleep-wake cycle.

Epsom Salt Bath

Epsom salt is not really salt, it’s magnesium sulfate and it’s responsible for the regulation of enzymes in the body, which promote proper nervous system function. A nice, hot soak is a natural treatment for insomnia that will sooth your restless mind and help you fall asleep.

White Noise

It’s possible you’re waking in the middle of the night because your neighbor works odd hours, there’s a train passing through a block away or an appliance is kicking on at certain times. Though asleep, our brains are still wired to pick up any sound that sounds “unusual”. It’s a natural defense mechanism we picked up in our cave-man days when we still had to worry about being eaten. A desktop fan left on all night may be just the natural treatment for insomnia you’re looking for.


Meditation for insomnia relief might sound a bit unusual because as some gurus tell you, one of the objects of meditation is not to fall asleep. However, I don’t mean the kind of meditation where you sit pretzel-style and hum. If anxiety is the reason you’re suffering with insomnia, getting into bed may produce memories of the last few nights you’ve spent tossing and turning, which may increase your anxiety. Insomnia is a vicious cycle like that. Try this natural treatment: settle comfortably into bed on your back if you can. Close your eyes and take five deep breaths. Then, breathe normally. Allow your arms and legs to get heavy, relax your shoulders and let your lips part slightly with your tongue just touching the roof of your mouth. Say to yourself, “I am peacefully, deep asleep” over and over. What may happen is your body will relax deeply first and your mind may still be awake. Though it’s a bit disconcerting, keep breathing and relaxing and you should ease into a peaceful sleep. This natural treatment for insomnia may take a few days to work through the night. Be patient.

Food Allergy Elimination

This may be the most unusual of the unusual natural treatments for insomnia. However, if you have a hidden food intolerance or allergy, anxiety and insomnia are common symptoms. The best thing you can do if you suspect you have a food intolerance or allergy is to do an elimination diet and reintroduce foods slowly to test for a reaction. The most common food intolerances/allergies are wheat, gluten, dairy, corn, soy, egg, citrus, nuts and seafood. Eliminate all of these from your diet for at least one week before reintroducing one new food each day. This simple yet effective method may offer you both the cause and the solution to your chronic insomnia!

I hope these five unusual natural solutions for insomniahelp end your sleepless nights. I wish you the best.

Note: Do not use Epsom salt if you are pregnant, diabetic or allergic to sulfur. If your problem persists or gets worse, it is advisable to seek help from your healthcare provider.


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