Personal Values And Decision Making

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Values in this context means principles, standards or qualities considered worthwhile or desirable.  Personal values are those principles  which we believe in and hold close to our hearts.  These personal values decide what we want to be and what is really important to us in life.  They guide us and motivate us throughout our lives in what ever we do.  Our personality is determined by the values we stand for.  Person without values is like a ship without a rudder.  Some examples of personal values are fairness, empathy, compassion and persistence.

We do so many things every day.  We are faced with many situations in life which call for decision making.  If we take decisions based on the values that we uphold, we will be happy, peaceful and contented.  If we take decisions which are not supported by our personal values, may be due to societal or familial pressures, our lives will be miserable.  Personal values and decisions are inseparable.  

There are situations where people have taken decisions which have resulted in material losses, just to uphold the personal values they believed in.  One such situation happened in my friend’s life.  He is a rich person.  He has properties all over the city.  One day it was reported to him that some one had built a small hut in one of his sites measuring 30 x 40 feet.  A lady was living there with her two children, a boy of 4 years and a girl of 2 and a half years.  This lady was making a living by working as a domestic maid.  Her husband had died recently.  My friend told me that his immediate reaction was to get them evacuated using appropriate government authority.  Then he said that he felt something inside him which made him allow these people continue to stay.  The lady and her children are living there even today.  For strange reasons, he has decided not to sell that property.  He may have lost financially but he says he feels a sense of personal satisfaction with his decision.  

Taking decisions bases on personal values make us better human beings.


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