Auto Shows Around The World: The Importance of The Event & Which Shows Are a Must-See!

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If you’re an enthusiast, it pretty much means that you are a regular attendee of car shows in Denmark (Do you know that in Danish the term is Biler i Danmark), and maybe even some of the must-see auto shows in other parts of the world.  Despite the costs involved, more and more drivers, vintage car collectors and general auto enthusiasts have taken a liking to car shows. But what’s the appeal behind this type of a trade show, and which ones are considered a must-see event? That is exactly what we will try to find out here.

Shows: Why It Pays to Attend One

First, what’s the importance of attending shows and other trade car shows?  Also called a motor show or an auto show, a car show is a public exhibition which features the latest automobile models released or soon-to-be-released by car manufacturers. Debut cars, concept cars, classics which are already out of production and other hard to find cars are featured in such auto shows.

Most shows occur once or twice a year, while the big car trade shows which are popular internationally are held on an annual basis. Aside from car enthusiasts, it is the automobile manufacturers and local car dealers who are the main participants in such events. For car shows which occur more frequently, they are known as more informal car shows, car rallies or car enthusiast events – which typically have themes. Depending on the type of car that is showcased, these trade shows can feature low riders, hot rods, classic cars, muscle cars and other niche types of vehicles.

Tips when Participating in Car Shows

Most first-time trade show attendees think that car shows are venues for them to actually go out and purchase off-the-showroom cars. However, almost no sale is conducted during these events because they are only meant to showcase the latest models of cars released in the market. If there’s a particular model of a car that you are lusting over, then you need to get the business card of the manufacturer and ask about purchasing it as a later date.

So what other tips should trade show participants keep in mind? Always do your homework if your purpose for attending the car show is to actually look for models to buy. Check out the auto show’s official website so that you can view their calendar of events. You can also download some useful information here like the floor plan of the trade show so that you would know which parts of the hall showcases muscle cars, vintage cars, etc.

While you’re there, have a feel of which colours would look good on a particular car model and check out the seats, the features, the dashboard, have a look at the engine and make a general comparison of what’s available for consumers like you. This way, when you already have the means to pay for a new car model later on, you would already have an idea about which brand, make and model to buy.

The Top Auto Shows & Other Must-See Events in the World

Finally, which are considered to be the top shows in Denmark? Topping the list is the Copenhagen International Motor Show where the latest models of cars and accessories are featured.

In the United States, an exclusive motor show which features all the best that the automotive industry has to offer is the SEMA or the Specialty Equipment Marketing Association car show that’s a can’t-miss event for anyone lucky enough to get invited. There’s also the Los Angeles, Detroit and Chicago auto shows in the US, as well as a few other popular car shows held annually in major cities around the world. 


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