Review of Sky+ HD

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I recently upgraded from standard Sky+ to Sky+ HD. The HD menu interface is quite different from the standard Sky+. Most of the features are quite similar but the look of the menu, planner etc is quite different. I do like the blue background to the TV guide etc. It is very nice that you are still able to watch the programme you are currently viewing in a smaller screen while looking at the TV guide or planner. One slight disadvantage over standard Sky+ is that the text size is slightly smaller which means with more poor eyesight it can sometimes be a bit of a strain to read programme information. I like that it is easy to see which programmes are available in HD as they are in a different colour from those in standard definition.

Being able to record a single episode or whole series at the press of a button of is wonderful. It is also very useful being able to pause what you are watching at any time and rewind a programme you’ve been watching up to an hour without even having recorded it. Very useful if you fall asleep and miss the end of a programme.

As more and more programmes and being made in high definition it is very nice to be able to take advantage of this. The range of HD channels offered by Sky is one of the best in my opinion with all the major channels such as Sky 1, BBC and ITV.


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