Why Should We Wear Mountain Bike Shoes?

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It is important to wear the right shoe to enhance your fun during mountain biking. You can get a shoe designed particularly used for mountain biking. Mountain bike shoes are available in a number of prices from an affordable range of $70 to about $400. The money you spend will depend basically on whether you are a casual rider or once in a while rider, a serious hobbyist, or a person who takes part in races as an amateur or a professional.

There is something about mountain bike shoes which makes them an important as well as an expensive requirement. Shoes which are designed particularly for cycling come with stiff soles which is required to transfer the power from the cyclists legs and feet to the pedals which passes on to the chains to get better speed. As a road cyclist is stays on the bike most of the time without much opportunity for walking, they typically come with a protruding cleat that fits into the depression on the pedals.

On the other hand a protruding cleat is not very useful for a mountain biker, who may have to get off the bike frequently and move or carry it across the obstacles. This is the reason why mountain bike shoes come with recessed cleats, which will not interfere when you walk and they also don’t have completely hard sole, but are just a little bit flexible.

You will find many kinds of mountain bike shoes in the market, but there are more designs for men as compared to what is available for women. However even women will find some patterns which are particularly designed for a smaller foot for woman.

What is the reason for the importance of mountain bike shoe?

A person who uses the mountain bike occasionally doesn’t generally worry about toe clips or clip less pedals. They just get on the bike and off they go. On the other hand a serious cyclist is interested in availing all the power they can get from pedaling, and this can happen when the shoe is firmly attached with the pedal. This can be done with a cleat or a toe clip. It helps the cyclist to pull as well as push the pedal simultaneously on each pedal to increase the bike speed.

What is the reason for the mountain bike shoe being so expensive?

Like any pair of shoe the cost is based on the material used for making the shoe. Lighter shoes are good for the racer, but that also makes it expensive. But you can get an average pair of mountain biking shoes for about $100.


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