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It is no secret that the best way to stay sharp in the ever changing worlds of fashion is to be creative and cutting edge.Most people will tell you that you have to wear the poplar brand or spend alot of money. I am here to inform you how untrue those assumptions are. I have observed  red carpet reviews time and time again. When I hear about the prices celeberties pay for gowns and suits I become amazed at how low they are. I’ll even be daring enough to anounce that most people are spending more for casual clothing than formal attire! i should start a coalition to put an end to this problem but here is not enough time in my day. Therefore, I decided to start creating and searching for the best deals and newest names in casual fashion.

My first quest was the store. Nope, I didn’t get anything. I only wished I had a quarter for each pound lost as I did laps arond the store looking for an affordable price. There wasn’t an answered prayer in sight…NOT EVEN IN THE SOCKS AND UNDERWEAR DEPARTMENT! Well, since the store wouldn’t work I decided to log in and see what was happening online. WOW I was blown away at all the discounts and then decided to throw a few coupon codes in my goody bag as well. The best online clothing shop by far was Zazzle. I was so impressed by the prices and originality that I could not help shopping there. Now Urbanomics is all I wear on a daily basis! Besides, I love to see the looks on people’s faces as they wonder what in the world am I wearing…and how can I get it ! A revolution is taking place and I am glad to be a part of it. No longer am I one of the many who didn’t get the memo about creating your own identity!

It’s wounderful to find fashion that works for all shapes, sizes, and people. I can even get a tie. Since then I have becomed hooked. My name is E. Goldenfingas and I am a zazzleholic. I just could not stop creating new hats shirts and sneakers and then buying them. My family even got involved they cannot wait untill I send them more. But you can get on the wagon too. Try it out ne fashion  it’s only a click away! Take a look at all of the new names in fashion desgin. The movement is so big that there are even international outlets. I am glad to know that I can spread the word about  new online fashion 


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