Weight Loss Hypnosis CD Reviews

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In the method of hypnosis weight loss, the individual must pass weekly hypnosis sessions; hypnosis session is to be performed six times for a better outcome result. The result is influenced only by one session of hypnosis. Just in a few sessions of hypnosis method bring better results. 

Some types of audio products are available in the market for various bodily functions such as concentration of the individual can be improved by using this audio product. Global Hypnosis is one of audio products for weight reduction through hypnosis weight loss method. In this product, music and sound therapy is used in conjunction with self-hypnosis. By using these products, all the muscles in the human body can be relaxed, it also controls the flow of blood and increases the concentration of the individual. By using Sound therapy, blood pressure can be regulated. Huge health benefits can be achieved by stopping smoking.

In self-hypnosis, a voice that is charming is used to do hypnosis. All natural sounds are mixed in this method which provides a natural sound of rain which soothing the sense of audience.

In sound therapy, sound track is used to relax the listener, a sound tract played for 30 minutes. This sound therapy used specific sounds so that the listener feels comfortable. This sound therapy also improves the mental awareness of the individual.

Weight loss with hypnosis course consists on 13 lessons.

  1. Measurement of body composition

  2. Initial examination of a psychologist and test suggestibility

  3. Basic techniques of assertiveness

  4. Relaxation techniques

  5. Mental findings subject to eat

  6. Enhancing self-esteem

  7. Food Triggers

  8. Determination of the amount and distribution of fat and lean body mass, determine the minimum caloric needs.

  9. Evaluation of dietary habits

  10. Development of individual movement plan

  11. Individual gradual change eating and exercising habits

  12. Prevention of yo-yo effect

  13. Individual gradual changes in eating and exercising habits

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