Be Careful Of Fake Usb Flash Drive From China

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Recently I was surfing the web to find info and reviews about Usb flash drive. I was surprised to find that there is a capacity of 32GB Usb flash drive only sold with very low prices.

I continue to do a little research on the internet about Usb flash drive 32GB ni. At first, I found that many are selling with cheap price.But after a search is made more profound, I get additional info says Usb flash drive 32gb  is made from China and has long been popular in the vicinity of Mumbai, India last year.

he main target from the creator of this Usb flash drive is to compete with other manufacturers to produce fake products.Usb flash drive original 1 or 2 Gb has been dicompress to read 32GB. “Non-existent sectors” created by compress method for reading than the actual capacity of Usb flash drive.

That is why, every time you put the larger files than the actual capacity, the virtual data will be lost. However, the “Fake Product” has been popular sold in the market . You have to be careful!

Info pendrive it is clear that if the internal and external views of writing 32GB. Even if inserted into the USB slot on your laptop / pc he will tell 32GB. Also shown in the Properties 32GB !. But if you want to transfer files of 1Gb, a direction out of said pendrive is full. Even the “transfer of Speed” is also very slow when compared with normal pendrive. Sometimes the command computer / laptop say Usb flash drive severe damage and requires a new format even if you only use the first time ! .

When examined in detail, Usb flash drive had bad sectors are severe, and should be formatted. And what is more sad, when formatted, it is only pendrive size of 512KB or 1Gb or 2Gb only. And even worse than that, if they want to be formatted even though it is not complete, and finally, Usb flash drive was just thrown into the trash.

 Many consumers have been cheated. In some cases, apply the files have been transferred into the Usb flash drive “Missing” or “Corrupted” when installed on another computer. And sometimes these files can be copy paste but can not be direct, as if to be read-only files.

My advice, be careful if you want to buy a large capacity Usb flash drive. It is true that there are really original. True, Kingston pendrive capacity of 256Gb (the largest), but there was expensive at the moment. Current prices on the 12/11/2010 show at USD 220 for the 32GB Usb flash drive Original. Is impossible 256Gb Usb flash drive price available at $ 50 like those in some of the website.


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