Good Personal Financial Management

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Personal financial management is one’s ability in getting, analyzing, and managing the flow of the money. There is wise man saying, “World goes around because money exists”. It means that money is one of significant matters in the world. Almost every single thing in this world relates to money. When people want to be clever, they need money to get a proper education. People also need money to buy food and meal when they want to eat. Furthermore, people have needed money since the first day of their life which means that money should be paid to the doctor or midwife who help their birth. Thus, everybody is claimed to have a good personal financial management so that they can afford to fulfill all their needs.

Having a good personal financial management is a must, specifically for an adult. Nevertheless, it is better if the teenager and even children have been taught how to have a good personal financial management since their childhood. It will make them easier to arrange and allocate their money well in the future. People having a good personal financial management will be more careful in getting, analyzing, and using their money. People will not easy to waste their money for something disadvantageous. It will help them in avoiding many problems caused by money such as having much more debt which is out of their financial power. On the other hand, they will be more helped in having lots of saving and investment for their bright future.


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