The Greatest American Hero: Train of Thought

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The Greatest American Hero: Train of Thought is an interesting show that puts forth the question of what happens to the superhero powers when the man in possession of the suit gets amnesia.  This is what happens to Ralph Hinkley (William Katt).  He’s trying to stop a train with toxic waste aboard when he collides with it and is injured.  When he wakes up, he has partial amnesia.

Ralph does remember his girlfriend, but his partner in superhero activities, Bill Maxwell (Robert Culp) is a stranger to him.  He has no memory of his life with the suit.

This plot line probably could have been done even longer with more dramatic affect and anxiousness in the intensity, but instead, they pretty much have Pam (the girlfriend, played by Connie Sellecca) tell him everything, along with Bill.  Once he puts on the suit and discovers he can fly, he’s game.  Part of me wishes that they’d drawn it out and really given some conflict to the tale.

The few scenes where Ralph takes on Bill as an adversary prove my point because they are filled with tension and really add to the story.

This second year story is good to watch.  It’s almost like discovering the suit for the first time again.


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