Technician Jobs Salary Ranges

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Technician jobs are in high demand, and technicians command two of thetop three average salary offers from employers among all majors. Opportunities for technicians are high as almost all organizations, and fields need technicians. Technical jobs are one of the fastest growing jobs in almost all fields.

Technicians have been trained in the field of technology to gainproficiency in the relevant skills and techniques, and they have had practical understanding of the theoretical principles. Generally they have much better versed in technique compared to average layperson and even general professionals in that field of technology.

Technicians are skilled workers, and are working in a variety of fields and provide technicalsupport to their work. For example, a medical technician provides technical support to the medical profession. A veterinary technician has been trained to assist veterinarians. An engineering technician has a special skills and techniques in a related branch of engineering. Lighting technician has a special skill with rigging and controlling electric lights for art and entertainment venues or in video, television, or film production.

In the same way, a computer repair technician has a specialization inrepairs and maintenance of computers and servers. Hardware technician has the responsibility of building or configuring new hardware, installing and updating software packages, and creating and
maintaining computer networks.

Salary range for technician jobs vary with field, geographical location, and the company forwhich they work, and depends on their level of skills, working experience, education and other qualifications. But, generally their average salaries are good. For example in USA a network support technician who has less than one year experience could get a salary of $ 29,671 -$41789 per year. If he/she has a working experience of 20 years or more, they would command a salary of $41689 -$62,456 per year.

An electrocardiograph Technician can expects a salary in the range of $31,931. In the current job market, an ultrasound technologist can expect a salary between $53,000 -$58,000 per year. An experienced person could get much more salary than this.

In healthcare filed also technicians command good salary. The median expected salary for a typical chief CAT scan technologist is $73,341, and a typical biomedical engineering technician is expected to get a salary of $54,010.If a person is looking for a good paying, fast-track career with high job security, then perhaps the radiology technician is a best field. It is a fast-track career on high demand and is expected to rise in demand in the coming years. According to the American society of radiologic technologist, the low end of an annual salary for these people are around $30,000, and in the higher end they can get $90,000 per year.

The demand for qualified x-ray technicians is on the rise, and in today’s market they can earn in the range of $48,689 – $ 72,827 as a salary. On the other hand salary of a lab technician in the medical and clinical laboratory can be between$35,000 and $70,000 annually.

Pharmacy technicians are trained people in pharmacy handling, and they have all the skills necessary to handle a pharmacy. According to American medical association, their salary in the trainee level generally ranges around $25,000 perannum.

These figures are on in expected lines in USA and could be change elsewhere. But in comparison, technicians could command a good salary and lead a decent lifestyle.


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